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DIY Placemats the Kids Can Make for Holiday Meals

Bonus: It'll keep them busy


By Houzz


Published on: November 10, 2017

DIY Placemats the Kids Can Make for Holiday Meals

Houzz placemat 1
PollyPapier, original photo on Houzz

Gather your supplies

Select beautiful leaves, fronds and branches with distinctive shapes and textures. Optional: Gather a few extras to keep unpainted and use as other embellishments for your place settings.

You'll also need:

  • Sheets of 11- by 17-inch or A3 paper in a light color of your choice. I used a soft white paper, thick enough to absorb paint and hold its shape on the table.
  • A tube of water-soluble paint. I used black gouache, but any color that will contrast your paper would be fine.
  • A brush and a plate or shallow bowl for diluting your paint with a bit of water as needed.
  • Masking tape in a color that complements your other materials.

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