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Dear Reader: Why This Is One of My Favorite Issues of ParentMap

Alayne Sulkin

Published on: September 29, 2017

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Every year, I look forward to this issue. Don’t get me wrong — I love every ParentMap issue but there’s something extra special about our October edition. This month, our stories get new life during one of our organization’s major events: the Every Child Resource Fair and lecture at the University of Washington.

For those who don’t know, Every Child is a one-two punch of parenting information. The first half of the event is a free fair that offers the best of the best in local resources for atypical learners. The second half features a rockstar speaker; this year, we’re pleased to welcome Seattle’s own Chris McCurry.

An author and clinical psychologist, Chris will discuss the intersection of ADHD and anxiety. We’re talking science. We’re talking news you can use. We’re talking all the parenting goodness that I love about our work at ParentMap.

This issue is no exception when it comes to sharing the best and brightest information. In this issue, you’ll find a series of seven essays written by moms and dads of children with special needs. What’s their day-to-day like? What advice do they have for families? Hear it straight from them.

Enjoy a piece about navigating the education system when your child has special needs. This story comes from ParentMap managing editor, Jody Allard, who candidly and beautifully shares her experience as the mother of a daughter with autism. Seriously, don’t miss this story.

We’re going to the circus in our beloved Out + About section and we’re meeting a Someone You Should Know straight off of Sesame Street. New parents will find solace in our ongoing Crib Notes section and break out the scissors for this month's Cut This Out.

So, get going! There’s so much to explore in this issue, online at and at our live events. And no matter how you enjoy ParentMap, remember: From cradle to college, we’re right here with you.

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