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ParentMap goes nuts with huge spa giveaway!

Published on: December 30, 2013

The Big Gift giveaway

I need a facial.

Got your grinch on? You need something to look forward to. Something like a night at a swanky spa. Or a fabulous night on the town. Or even just a night in with a good movie.

Enter The Big Gift giveaway!

Our playful, perennially positive publisher Alayne is having way too much fun coming up with the swag. She would like to see you win, you hard-working, deserving and loyal ParentMap pal!

You: entering ParentMap's Big Gift giveaway. To enter: email us us your mailing address.

Me: hunching, troll-like, over the giant pile o'goodies, including:

A couple's spa retreat to the Salish Lodge...a day o'joyful pummeling at swanky Bellevue spa Truce...a mondo gift certificate for a top local restaurant...books, DVDs, and much, much more. Read the details here and enter here. Give us your mailing address and be sure to put "big gift" in the subject line.

What are you waiting for, silly? Enter today! Giveaway runs through midnight, Dec. 31. Read the fine print here. No purchase necessary to win. Email address to enter:

NOTE: Do not enter by commenting here! You can't win that way! To enter: email us us your mailing address.

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