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Reads: Kids and the Internet

Published on: December 30, 2013

081710_news_computer_167An 11-year-old girl angers the internets and has her phone number and address posted online.  Her dad isn't happy.

Three teenaged girls from Indianapolis show their breasts in an Internet chatroom, and get blackmailed by a creepy loser. Naturally, a term has been coined for this phenomenon (there have been several other cases): "sextortion."

Partnership for a Drug-Free America finds that heavy media use by teens (aside from the risks of sexting, blackmail-via-webcam and ill-considered Facebook posts) isn't that great.

Parents might strive to teach their kids good Internet habits, but Google's CEO Eric Schmidt says, hey, kids, don't worry about the digital trail you'll create before you understand that everything lives forever on the Internet -- in the future, you'll just be able to change your name when you grow up and not worry about losing that job because your friends Facebooked that picture of you Vodka Eyeballing after the prom.

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