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10 Northwest Adventures for Kids in October

You'll fall for these fun family outings

Published on: September 27, 2018

10 Northwest Adventures for Kids in October

Skagit Valley Snow Geese
Snow geese visit Skagit Valley. Photo courtesy of Wikimedia Commons

Go bird-watching in Skagit Valley

Arriving in late October, tens of thousands of snow geese blanket the fields of Skagit Valley. They’re migrating from their nesting grounds in Siberia and Alaska, and settle in for a (well-deserved) rest through April. Get the kids outside to watch and listen to the big white birds feeding and interacting. 

There’s a short trail at Fir Island Farms (Discover Pass needed), which is a no-hunting snow goose reserve. Have your camera ready; if you’re lucky, you’ll see the giant flock take flight at once.

Before driving back to Seattle, stop by a U-pick pumpkin patch in Mount Vernon (try Schuh Farms or Gordon Skagit Farms) to find your perfect jack- o’-lantern. 

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