Seattle Opera's 'Lucia' - soaringly beautiful teen-friendly tragedy

Published on: December 30, 2013

tickets_lucia_lgIt's not only one of the most beautiful operas you'll ever hear; Seattle Opera's "Lucia di Lammermoor" also represents a rare and excellent chance to expose tweens and teens to opera. Why? Short acts, plentiful scene changes, melodic arias, and tragic madness and bloody death. Perfection!

Sure, at first glance, "Lucia" is a love story - but this dark tale of trickery and insanity won't put off kids with squirm-inducing love scenes. Instead, heartbreak is served up in the form of forged letters, a gullible diva and an opportunistic brother. Lots of bad guys to talk about during the nearly full hour of total intermission time.

And even opera newbies will be swept away by the music - gorgeous arias, duets, and, notably, "Lucia's" signature sextet. Opera buffs will find this "Lucia" heartwrenching, enthralling, impeccable and thrilling, but you don't need to know opera to appreciate one of the genre's most famous mad scenes: the 20-minute meltdown that preceeds Lucia's death. Oh - and the sets! The wandering ghost! Really, there is so much here for kids; a perfect entree into opera.

Seattle Opera's Lucia di Lammermoor runs through Oct. 30. Tickets at

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