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Super Scary Halloween Movies to Watch With Kids

10 spine-tingling titles to watch with tweens and teens

Published on: October 05, 2021

Super Scary Halloween Movies to Watch With Kids

The Frighteners

Nice and scary movies (ages 14–16)

I loved "The Lost Boys" (1987) when I was this age. Even then I could see the movie for the campy '80s cheese that it was. Your kids will start off mocking the clothes and the music before getting sucked into this story about a small town’s vampire infestation.  

Similar fun comes in "The Frighteners" 1996), a supernatural comedy horror that plays like a dark version of Ghostbusters. It was directed by Peter Jackson and has Michael J. Fox heading a stellar cast. This one’s a forgotten gem. Note: Common Sense Media rates this as for ages 18+, though parents say it's okay for 13+. This is a much bigger gap than you'll typically find on the site. Be sure to read the reviews before you view.

"A Quiet Place" (2018) is a great atmospheric monster movie that plays tension like a virtuoso. But I can’t believe it’s PG-13 and am making my 13-year-old wait another year before he can watch it. With me, of course, because it’s so good. And check out the sequel, "A Quiet Place Part II" for even more monsters and jump scares.

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