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7 Home Organization Tips for Fall

Back-to-school clutter and chaos are no match against these sustainable solutions

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Published on: August 30, 2021

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Life with kids is always a bit chaotic, but there’s nothing like the pandemonium of back-to-school season. It’s easy to get buried in an avalanche of homework papers, art projects, library books, sports gear, kitchen messes and more — but never fear! We’ve rounded up a list of tips, tricks and products to help you dig yourself out of the clutter. 

Tip 1: DIY— with a little help from the kids

The beauty of do-it-yourself solutions is that they’re thrifty, eco-friendly and fun. Involve the kids in the process, and they’ll be all the more excited to use the final product. From laundry-sorting systems to cord organizers, our list of DIY organizational ideas is sure to help you get back on track. 

Tip 2: Ikea to the rescue!

Whether your kids are attending school virtually or need a killer homework station, Ikea has your back. From minimalist desks to cute lamps, we’ve curated a list of affordable and functional products to foster learning. Want to bring Ikea into the rest of the house? Consult our list of nifty picks for household storage solutions

Tip 3: Involve the kids

We have a great list of tips and gear to make your homework stations that much more organized. Just make sure you consult the kids when customizing their learning space. This will help them feel excited and invested in keeping the space tidy. 

Tip 4: Make it stylish

Practical doesn’t have to be boring. Cute wall organizers help harness mail and keys in your entryway; sleek storage systems hide toys; and beautiful baskets contain pretty much any clutter you can think of. Want to see some specific products? Peep them here.  

Tip 5: Love the home you’re with

If only we had a bigger kitchen. If only the kids didn’t have to share a bedroom. If only, if only, if only. ... If you find yourself getting caught up in how your home compounds the messiness, take a deep breath and try simplifying your space. From curating kids’ art to getting a handle on kitchen clutter, we’ve got a great list of practical solutions to help you make your home life better.

Tip 6: Try habit tracking

Without a change in your family’s mind-set, all the clever organizational systems in the world are sure to fail. That’s why it’s important to work with your kids on creating new habits around wellness and productivity. Habit tracking works wonders for school-age kids and parents alike — our five-step guide can get you started. 

Tip 7: Go green!

Even if you only have the energy to make a small change, developing eco-friendly habits is not only great for the environment, they can help simplify your home organization system, too. Switching from a million bottles in the bathroom to a shampoo and conditioner bar helps cut down on plastic and clutter. Reusable snack pouches keep kids’ lunch boxes orderly. And sustainable clothing brands keep your family feeling fashionable while cutting back on waste. Read our list of awesome eco-friendly products

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