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Thanksgivukkah Recipes and Table Toppers

By now you’ve heard the country’s abuzz over the once-every-77,000-years mega-holiday Thanksgivukkah. This year, on November 28, Thanksgiving and the first day of Hanukkah come together for eight days of menorah-lit tables of leftovers. We’re joining in on the fun by sharing some simple ways to celebrate with food and decor. We won’t have the chance again for another 77,000+ years, so let’s bust out the dreidels and drumsticks!

Food 52 Thanksgivukkah mashup

Thanksgivukkah mashup
The folks over at Food52 dreamed up this mashup of quintessential Hanukkah and Thanksgiving foods for their latke and turkey sandwich. Made with Brussels sprouts and cranberry sauce, and served with a side of gravy for dunking, this sandwich earns a gold star for best use of leftovers.

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