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Thanksgivukkah Recipes and Table Toppers

Published on: November 18, 2013

By now you’ve heard the country’s abuzz over the once-every-77,000-years mega-holiday Thanksgivukkah. This year, on November 28, Thanksgiving and the first day of Hanukkah come together for eight days of menorah-lit tables of leftovers. We’re joining in on the fun by sharing some simple ways to celebrate with food and decor. We won’t have the chance again for another 77,000+ years, so let’s bust out the dreidels and drumsticks!

Food 52 Thanksgivukkah mashup

Thanksgivukkah mashup
The folks over at Food52 dreamed up this mashup of quintessential Hanukkah and Thanksgiving foods for their latke and turkey sandwich. Made with Brussels sprouts and cranberry sauce, and served with a side of gravy for dunking, this sandwich earns a gold star for best use of leftovers.

BuzzFeed challah stuffing

Holla for challah stuffing
The folks over at BuzzFeed know how to put together a Thanksgivukkah spread. One of their dishes, the challah-apple stuffing, is a must for the Thanksgivukkah table. They’ve got step-by-step photos to get you through the process for this dish, not to mention others like rye pumpkin pie and pecan pie rugelach. Check out the full feature here.

Fork & Swoon root vegetables

Gimme tsimmes
Though the word “tsimmes” translates to “big fuss,” Jennie of Fork & Swoon promises that this typical Hanukkah dish of root vegetables will not disappoint. Her version incorporates a sugar pie pumpkin, Brussels sprouts, turnips and carrots as the main veggies. What a colorful mix to add to the Thanksgivukkah table!

Gluten Free Canteen Pumpkin Meringues

Pumpkin meringues
Lisa and Tim of Gluten Free Canteen share a gluten-free dessert idea for the Thanksgivukkah table — pumpkin meringues. The recipe makes 75 small pumpkin-spice meringues for sharing with the family, or packaging in petite favor bags.

Gelt cake by What Jew Wanna Eat

Gelt glaze
Sub out the pumpkin pie for this equally sweet chocolate-cranberry cake with a gelt glaze by What Jew Wanna Eat. Gelt is traditional chocolate coins given out during the festival of Hanukkah, but chef Amy melts it right into the cake, then tops it off with cranberries for some Thanksgiving flair.

Rum raisin kugel by the Shiska

Cranberry kugel
A sort of egg noodle-slash-pudding casserole, a kugel like this rum-raisin cranberry version by The Shiska screams Thanksgivukkah comfort food. Autumnal flavors of cinnamon and cloves make it a seasonal potluck star for sure!

Acorn dreidels by the Hobee Hive

Dreidel, dreidel, dreidel ...
Here’s a fun recipe for the kids to make and eat — acorn dreidels by The Hobbee Hive. Hershey’s Kisses topped with Nutter Butter cookies and chocolate are ready for a spin in a bowl of vanilla ice cream.

Hand pies by Couldn't Be Parve

Hand pies
It wouldn’t be Thanksgiving without a table full of everyone’s best attempt at pie. In celebration of Thanksgivukkah, add these dreidel hand pies to the competition and challenge the rest to a spin-off! Couldn’t Be Parve offers this winning combination of an apple-cranberry filling.

Cards by theJBKwayEtsy shop

Thanksgivukkah cards
These adorable cards by theJBKway Etsy shop offer great inspiration for some kids’ crafts for Thanksgivukkah. Who wouldn’t love receiving an eight-feathered men-urkey in the mail? Make your own, or buy a six-pack from the shop for $18.

Thanksgivukkah decorating by Sucre Shop

Thanksgivukkah table
Cornucopias and autumn leaves can take a break this year and make way for a Thanksgivukkah table like this one by the Sucre Shop. A theme of blues and greens, potted succulents, silver pumpkins and gelt candies are great table toppers. Plus: Guests can bring them all home as favors after dinner. Less clean-up for you!

Placemats by Textile Trolley

Flip side
These dual Hanukkah/Thanksgiving placemats by the Textile Trolley Etsy shop will come in handy even after the Thanksgivukkah holiday has passed. Just flip and reverse for each holiday.

Thanksgivukkah color sheet by Ann Koffsky

Coloring book
Illustrator Ann Koffsky dreamed up this cute coloring page for Thanksgivukkah. Print off a stack and let the kiddos color their turkeys to decorate the house with some Thanksgivukkah cheer.

Jewish Press menurkey

Menurkey madness
Just Google “menurkey” and you’ll see just how much pop-culture power this holiday has: Menurkey entrepreneurs , DIY menurkeys, menurkey T-shirts and more. We love this rendition featured at Jewish Press, equipped with a corncob candleholder and all.

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