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Today is International Bus Driver Appreciation Day!

Published on: December 30, 2013

0810-vert-lmef10Nevermind the fact that March is National Frozen Food Month or that yesterday happened to be Submarine Day (as in the boat!) and St. Patrick's Day. According to the Seattle Transit Blog, today is Bus Driver Appreciation Day!

As we all know, bus drivers put up with plenty of shenanigans and typically never get many "thank yous" for their everyday service in driving our children to school and home safely. Besides the fact that your child may catch the bus each morning for school, if you're a metro-commuting parent, you also know this all too well. There are a whole lot of folks out there who use the bus every day, and unfortunately, many of them who show little (or any) appreciation for their drivers (or fellow passengers).

So before your child runs out the door this morning at full speed to catch their school bus, remind them to say "thank you" or to at least take it a little easy on their driver today. And as for the adults, the Seattle Transit Blog notes that though Metro drivers may not be able to accept gifts, a simple nice gesture or "thank you" will certainly suffice. We couldn't agree more!

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