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10 Unique Birthday Party Favors and Goody Bags

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Published on: December 15, 2017

10 Unique Birthday Party Favors and Goody Bags

Ice cream sundae favors

Scream for ice cream

Having an ice cream bar at your party? These cute take home ice cream sundae lookalikes will be a hit. April and Jenny over at Urban Daisies Creative Blog used these cute ice cream cone cups and shredded white paper. If you can't find sundae cups like they used, any plastic sundae cup or even plastic tumbler will do.

You can pick these up at a Dollar or Thrift store. Fill the bottom with crumpled white gift tissue, and then add some candy or other goodies such as tiny erasers or mini bubbles. Top it off with crumpled white gift tissue or white paper shreds for the whipped cream. A Pixie Stick becomes the “straw” and don't forget a wrapped peppermint or cinnamon candy for the cherry. You could even add a colorful plastic spoon. Yum!

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