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Movin' Around the World: Winter

Calendar/Event Details

Experience the cultures of the world at Movin’ Around the World: Winter, featuring family-friendly music and dance from various regions including South America, Asia and the Middle East! Presented by Northwest Folklife and Seattle Center, each day will focus on a different theme or culture representing our greater Pacific Northwest communities.

Saturday, Feb. 15–Friday, Feb. 21, 11 a.m.–2:30 p.m. each day.

Sat 2/15: Living Legacies- As part of the 2020 Cultural Focus, join us as we celebrate some of the legacy artists and groups in our neighborhood!
Sun 2/16: Cultures of Festal- Showcasing some of the wonderful cultural Festivals available year round as part of Seattle Center’s Festal program!
Mon 2/17: Roots of Our Neighborhood- Each neighborhood in Seattle offers something special and unique. Join these three groups representing three unique parts of the city!
Tues 2/18: Baile Folklorico- Celebrate the bold colors, lively music and rhythmic steps of this traditional Mexican dancing!
Wed 2/19: Machita Presents
Thurs 2/20: Storytelling Through Movement- Dance can be a powerful method of learning. Experience three different ways dancers can tell a story!
Fri 2/21: Building Bridges- Join us in building bridges across cultures – from Seattle all the way to Brazil!

For the full schedule of performances and hands-on activities, please visit

Join us in the Armory for a week of family fun!

Event Details