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10 Silly Halloween Pranks for Kids

Inject a little humor into your spooky season

Author Kari Hanson

Published on: September 25, 2023

Kids in Halloween costumes with lights in front of them hiding their faces

Halloween is almost here, and it’s the perfect time to let our imaginations run wild and pull off some silly — yet not too scary — Halloween pranks on our little trick-or-treaters. If all that candy doesn’t put a smile on their faces, these simple gags, which you can pull off without much prep, surely will. Check out these 10 ideas to make this Halloween one for the memory books.

  1. Ghostly greetings mirror messages: Take advantage of your kids’ morning routines by leaving ghostly greetings on the bathroom mirror. Simply write spooky messages like “Boo!” or draw a funny ghost face using washable markers. When your kids look in the mirror, they’ll be greeted with some spirited silliness to start their day.
  2. Boo-in-a-box surprise: Surprise (and delight) your kiddos with a “boo in a box.” Place a motion-activated Halloween toy or a spooky-sound-making device inside a small box. When the kids open it, they’ll be in for an eerie treat.
  3. Monster under the bed: Transform bedtime into a playful scarefest by attaching glow-in-the-dark monster stickers or eyes to the underside of the bed frame. Once the lights go out, these monsters will come alive. The friendly monsters can watch over kids as they drift off to dreamland.
  4. Eerie shadows: Create an atmosphere of mystery and intrigue by using a flashlight to cast spooky shadows on the walls or ceilings. Make the shadows move and dance to entertain and amuse your little ones. Let their imaginations soar as they wonder about the magical creatures lurking in the shadows.
  5. Gooey grapes treat: Satisfy the little ghouls’ sweet tooth with a fun and healthy Halloween treat. Freeze peeled grapes and serve them as “eyeballs.” This classic is just gross enough to make them squeal, yet tasty enough to be gobbled down.
  6. Trick-or-treat swap: Here’s a prank you can pull after trick-or-treating is done. Fill an empty candy wrapper with something unexpected, like a silly joke or baby carrots. Sneak it into their candy stash, and when they open it, they’ll discover they’ve been “tricked” in the most delightful way.
  7. Spooky story time: Gather the family around a faux campfire made using flashlights and read a spooky story, or tell a chilling tale of your own. The flickering shadows will enhance the ambiance, creating a memorable Halloween experience for everyone.
  8. Haunted doorway: Welcome your little trick-or-treaters with a fun and spooky entrance to your home. Use crepe paper or streamers to create a “spider web” doorway, and attach hanging plastic spiders for more spooky fun.
  9. Glowing surprise: Introduce an element of surprise to their Halloween candy stash by sneaking a few glow sticks inside their trick-or-treat bags before they head into the night. As the sun sets, their candy will be glowing, making their Halloween loot even more magical.
  10. Haunted sounds: Incorporate spooky sound effects into your Halloween celebrations. With a Bluetooth speaker or a smartphone, play eerie sounds like creaking doors, ghostly whispers or howling winds to create the atmosphere of a haunted house.

Remember, the key to successful Halloween pranks is to keep them age-appropriate, which for toddlers means silly and not very scary. It’s all about creating joy and unforgettable moments for your little ones. With these playful Halloween pranks, you’ll have a spooktacular time together as a family, making memories that will last a lifetime. Happy Halloween!

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