ParentMap Magazine

September 2022

Our heartening guest feature by “peaceful parenting” guru Laura Markham, Ph.D., explores the fundamentals of raising happy kids. While our genetics certainly contribute to our baseline contentment, the greatest determinant of our reliable storehouse of happiness, Markham asserts, turns out to be our own mental, emotional and physical habits.

As the de facto CHOs (Chief Habit Officers) of your households, this means that you can dramatically boost your child’s happiness quotient by cultivating the home-front habits that will set your child’s happiness “set point” for life.

Markham’s advice resonates with our annual back-to-school renewal of healthy routines. Peer inside our September issue for practical and powerful advice for habituating happiness, helping your child cope with anxiety (and quelling your own fear factor!), savoring so many still-summery outings (including a very special kind) and more!