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13 Father's Day Gifts Featured on Etsy

Published on: May 10, 2012


Homemade ukulele by the Birdmen Etsy shopUpcycled Musical Goodness

If music makes Dad's heart soar, he'll surely love this stylish upcycled ukulele featured in the Birdmen Etsy shop!

Priced between $164-244, the cool ukuleles featured in this shop are made using upcycled materials including broken skateboards and repurposed cigar boxes — in various sizes, baritones,  tenors, and more! Just in time for some fun family summer jammin', this is one musical toy that's sure to deliver plenty of harmony. Check out the rest of the shop to peep all of the sizes and designs available.

Miniature forest terrarium kit by the Captain Cat Etsy shopTerrific Terrarium

If Dad loves nothing more than breaking away from the concrete jungle for some much-needed time in the great outdoors, he's sure to go bananas over this miniature forest plant kit featured in the Captain Cat Etsy shop!

Priced at $55 (with the recycled, handmade glass terrarium sold separately for $120), this fun mini forest kit includes a tiny manicured juniper bonsai-style tree, nutrient-rich soil, living moss, decorative rocks and bark, and a spray bottle for misting your fab new desktop forest. We are huge fans of terrariums and the chance to build your own can not only be a fun treat for Dad, but also a great activity for the whole family to enjoy!

Butcher's apron by the Bohemian Habits Etsy shopFit for a Butcher

The grillmaster in your home serves up dinner by the bun-full at every summer backyard BBQ, and now he can look stylish doing so with this über-cool butcher's apron featured in the Bohemian Habits Etsy shop!

Available in white or navy blue and priced at $30, this modern handmade butcher's apron is screenprinted with a pig meat cut chart that's sure to bring a smile to any bacon lover's face. Featuring a large divided front pocket, the apron comes in one size that fits most, but larger or smaller aprons can be made upon request. Who says aprons are for ladies only? This garment will help Dad keep the splatters and spills at bay, and look cool doing it!

iPad and iPhone dock by the RockAppleWood Etsy shopUnique Gadget Goodies

If Dad's been searching for the perfect, one-of-a-kind dock for his phone or tablet, don't miss out on the gorgeous wood docking stations featured in the RockAppleWood Etsy shop!

With prices ranging from $40-750 (when you see them, you'll understand!), these handmade docking stations are constructed with local reclaimed, fallen, and repurposed wood pieces that are durable enough to last for years to come. Each station is sanded in various stages and then polished and finished with natural waxes and oils to enhance the wood's natural beauty and grain depth. Custom orders are available and USB cords are included with each piece. This shop has a huge selection of docks to choose from with a variety of fun sizes and styles that are perfect for any of Dad's favorite gizmos and gadgets!

Upcycled robots by the Bitti Bots by ckudja Etsy shopRockin' Robots

Speaking of gizmos and gadgets, we cannot get enough of the neat upcycled robots featured in the Bitti Bots Etsy shop!

Priced between $25-200, these sweet itty bitty robots are made from a variety of miscellaneous materials — nuts, bolts, tins, clocks, spark plugs, and other fun metal scraps galore. Each robot is signed and dated on the back with their name and D.O.B. — and there's a wide selection of cool characters to choose from! A great Father's Day gift for the dads who love all things robotic, these stylish metal friends are sure to earn a top spot among Dad's favorite gizmos.

Altoid box portable amp and speaker by the Ampoids Etsy shopFather's Day, Amplified

Thanks to the Ampoids Etsy shop, Dad can bust out his tunes any old time he likes with one of these rockin' Altoids portable amp and speaker boxes!

Priced at $30, these genius bumpin' Altoids boxes come complete with an on/off toggle and a patch cable that is adaptable to all newer MP3 players. Simply pull your mini boom box out of your pocket, flip open the lid, and plug in your device for some loud and clear tunes — no headphones needed! This is a perfect Father's Day gift idea for the on-the-go dad who can't go long without a stereo nearby. This is also an excellent gadget for families that love to listen to their iPod while out camping or on a picnic!

Recycled vintage suit jacket messenger bag by the Thomas Tweed Etsy shopTerrific Tote

Ain't nothin' wrong with a cool manbag — and that's certainly the case with this awesome recycled vintage suit jacket messenger bag featured in the Thomas Tweed Etsy shop!

Priced at $150, this savvy modern DIY tote is made out of a vintage suit coat and is available in a variety of custom materials and colors. The main compartment is large enough to hold books and a water bottle, along with miscellaneous small items, and the bag also offers up a large front pocket, small side pockets, and an adjustable strap. Another great gift option for an on-the-go dad, this cool messenger bag is sure to help him keep all of his daily items in one place, not to mention give him a fashionable new look.

Circuit board computer tie by the Scatterbrain Ties Etsy shopElectronic Love

We know — ties for Father's Day are so passé, but this circuit board tie featured in the Scatterbrain Ties Etsy shop is sure to knock your computer-lovin' Dad's socks off!

Priced at $30, this awesome "nerdy" tie has been featured on the likes of and for its handmade screenprinted modern-cool factor. Available in normal, skinny, and narrow sizes, the tie can be made in various colors with copper, silver, and metallic ink — and the smarty-pants design is also available printed on a t-shirt, in case Dad is more of a tee-and-jeans kind of guy. Be sure to check out the rest of the shop for lots of other neat tie choices, including The Dapper Fox (love!), Abraham Lincoln, Pretentious Frogs, and much more!

Homemade slingshot by the Boardgames Etsy shopFather's Day Playtime

For the dads out there who are big kids at heart, we can't get enough of these homemade slingshots featured in the Board Games Etsy shop.

These cool handcrafted slingshot are made out of upcycled skateboard decks, and come with large rubber bands and a leather sling for plenty of summer slingin' fun. Each slingshot is available for $24, and comes with a gentle safety reminder (in case Dad needs a little refresher!). Check out the shop for a variety of colors and designs — who knew that you could make so many neat things with leftover skateboards?!

Where The Wild Things Are print by Raw Art LetterpressWild Thing Wrangler

If the king of your castle loves to have plenty of untamed fun with your little ones, consider snapping up this cool Where the Wild Things Are-esque print in the Raw Art Letterpress Etsy shop.

Priced at $18, this print is available in a variety of fun bright colors — and there's also a "queen" version for the mamas out there who reign true. The print is a museum-quality archival reproduction of the handmade original, and larger sizes are available on request (frames are not included). Be sure to also check out the rest of this shop for a huge selection of additional prints — gorgeous inspirational quotes, prints for the nursery and much more.

Leather wallet and iPhone case by the Zenok Leather Etsy shoLeather Love

If Dad has been looking for the perfect new iPhone case, consider giving him a stylish all-in-one wallet and phone case, like this one featured in the Zenok Leather Etsy shop.

Priced at $60, this gorgeous wallet is handmade with a saddle stitch, dyed by hand, and features a silicon case to hold the phone in place, along with three card slots, and an inner pocket for all of Dad's spare bucks. A handy elastic band on the outside keeps everything tucked in nicely, and the design features an outer hole for your phone's camera, (perfect for all of those grab-the-camera-in-a-hurry photo opps!);  monogramming services are free of charge. Be sure to check out the rest of this shop's selections if you like the style of this multifunctional wallet — there are plenty more where this came from!

Spice sampler pack by the Dell Cove Spices Etsy shopFather's Day Flavors

Hoping to add a little spice to this year's Father's Day celebration? Consider picking up this cool BBQ dry rub sampler featured in the Dell Cove Spices Etsy Store!

Available for $29.95, this flavorful kit offers up a bevy of delicious spices, including a Memphis ribs rub, organic garlic pepper, sweet mesquite BBQ seasoning, buffalo wings seasoning, Provençal herb seasoning, and much more. Each food-grade tin is shrink-wrapped and labeled, and the kit comes complete with recipe cards and suggested uses. Overall, a perfect treat for the dads out there who love grilling and getting spicy in the kitchen!

Personalized guitar pick by the Made By Dawn Renee Etsy shopGreat Pick for Father's Day

If nothing makes Dad happier than strumming on his guitar, he's sure to absolutely love this personalized, one-of-a-kind pick featured in the Made by Dawn Renee Etsy shop.

Hand-stamped on copper with a brush finish, this cool pick can include up to eight words of your choice and is priced at $33. The pick also comes complete with a leather keychain case, allowing Dad to take it on the go or carry it with him at all times. All in all, there's nothing better than a functional personalized gift, and we have a feeling that this is one that any musical dad is sure to love!

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