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9 Fun Birthday Ideas and Activities for Kids

Keep 'em busy with these awesome party games and crafts

Jen Betterley

Published on: May 21, 2021

9 Fun Birthday Ideas and Activities for Kids

Credit: Lil Boo Blue


Mom Ashley of Lil Boo Blue includes a fun walkthrough on painting with kids, and we absolutely love this idea for a colorful art-inspired birthday celebration! When getting started, Ashley recommends either purchasing a giant canvas that can be painted over for future art days, or checking out the local thrift stores for inexpensive large paintings that can be covered with white paint (genius!).

She also suggests investing in thick and sturdy reusable canvas drop cloths to contain the painting zone, and setting out plenty of washable colors in big buckets with large brushes for the kids to let loose with their creativity. Don’t miss out on the rest of Ashley’s guide — you’re bound to find plenty of colorful inspiration!

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