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16 Angry Birds Birthday Party Ideas for Kids

Ideas that'll get your family all atwitter

Jen Betterley

Published on: May 18, 2018

16 Angry Birds Birthday Party Ideas for Kids

Angry Birds balloons

Birdie balloons

Now what would an "Angry Birdsday" bash be without some bright and beautiful birdie balloons? Needless to say, these fun guys featured on The Brown Eyes Have It look just like the well-known gaggle that has won us over by way of slingshot.

And the best part: Guest blogger Leslie includes a link to the free printable that she used to make this fantastic balloon bunch, so recreating them for your own birthday celebrant is easy as blackbird pie! Be sure to check out the full post to see what the rest of this Angry Birds-themed birthday blowout included. There's plenty of homemade fun to be had for all ages!

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