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7 Crafty Routine Charts for Chores, Bedtime, Out the Door and More

Master scheduling this school year with these DIY tricks and tips

Shar Petit

Published on: January 22, 2013

Magnetic boards So You Think You're crafty

Days go by

Is your little one always asking you when? This magnetic board featured over at So You Think You’re Crafty is aimed at helping kids understand the days of the week. Petite picture magnets made from clip art and magnet tape, vinyl stickers, a magnet board, and a wooden star (or other fun item to use as the “Today is” marker) is all you’ll need! What a great visual for the family to plan out the week and become friendly with the pesky timeframe of the day after tomorrow. Head over to the full blog to see how this project turned out!

Routines chart, Play at Home blog

Night and day

Getting into a rhythm is a lofty goal for most families. But these daily rhythm charts featured at the Play At Home Mom blog can help even the busiest families get their routines in order. This example can be purchased from the A Kid’s Day blog, but DIY variations can be made for any routine — morning, afterschool, bedtime — you name it! Interchangeable magnet labels allow kids to choose the order of their activities. With creative routine themes, you may have one up in every room before you know it. Check out more inspiration boards here. Nighttime owl or choo-choo train? So cute.

My blessed life

Hang time

Put your child’s routine at the front of their mind with this idea for door-hanger to-do lists featured over at My Blessed Life. The kids will love personalizing their own with glitter and buttons, and the tasks written on clothespins are a fun way to plan out the day. With the chart always swinging on the door, you’ll have a better chance of that routine sticking! Could we make our own grown-up versions, too? Some days it feels like we need those reminders.

Peace Love and Learning

Big hand, little hand

Is your family going through the time-telling phase? With these darling foam clock cutouts featured over at Peace, Love and Learning blog, the whole family can get on schedule with the happenings of the day. Snack time? Naps? Simply make the clocks mirror different event times throughout the day, and the learning will come in no time!

Workman Family routine boards

Decisions, decisions...

The after-school routine can be a crazy circus of flying homework and tumbling priorities. This idea for customizable chore boards featured over at The Workman Family blog will get everyone on the same page. Make your own with framed pieces of Plexiglas, plastic hooks and chore cards made from scrapbook paper. Sit down with the kids daily or weekly to come up with each kid’s list of to-dos and have each set up their chores ahead of time. Not only does this exercise teach prioritizing skills, it’s great for showing the family how each member is contributing.

Mommy's Making a Mess


The kitchen is often a hub for everyone’s morning activities, so why not use the fridge as the family’s control center? Displaying each person’s daily activities and schedule (think: drop-offs, pick-ups and extracurriculars) will take family organization to the next level. Simple magnet cutouts (using photos of family members) and colorful paper (this crafty mom used paint swatches) help personalize and color-code the day! Head over to Mommy’s Making a Mess for countless other organizational gems!

My Name is Snickerdoodle

Night, night

Oh, the nighttime routine. With young kids (or any age kid, for that matter!) the drill is never-ending. To combat tantrums and restlessness, try following a calming night routine with a simple routine flip chart like this one featured over at the My Name is Snickerdoodle blog. We love the bright images, and when a task is done, kids get the instant gratification of flipping up the tabs to say “done”!

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