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7 Sweetest Ice Cream Spots for Seattle-Area Families

Delicious artisan ice cream destinations to visit with kids this summer

Published on: July 15, 2022

7 Sweetest Ice Cream Spots for Seattle-Area Families

Seattle's Husky Deli ice cream counter seen through the window of the shop
Husky Deli’s busy ice cream counter

Husky Deli, West Seattle

Husky Deli doesn’t actually have anything to do with the University of Washington. Through the Depression, Jack Miller’s grandfather made ice cream cones called “huskies” because they were big, not because of the university mascot.

The family-run West Seattle icon was started in 1932, and third-generation owner Jack Miller took it over more than 40 years ago from his dad. “Never sold anybody’s ice cream here but our own,” he says. Husky Deli is known for its deli sandwiches and good ol’ fashioned ice cream. Popular flavors include salted caramel and coffee Oreo, or go with a classic like rocky road or pralines and cream.

In addition to sandwiches and ice cream, choose from among the inspiring selection of European candy and specialty foods.

Pro tip: There is also an old-fashioned candy counter where kids can buy their favorite goodies by the pound.

Find it: 4721 California Ave. S.W., Seattle

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