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9 Sweetest Ice Cream Spots for Seattle-Area Families

Delicious artisan ice cream destinations to visit with kids this summer

Published on: July 11, 2023

9 Sweetest Ice Cream Spots for Seattle-Area Families

View of the ice cream case at Renton’s La Michoacana ice cream shop among the best ice cream in Seattle to visit with kids
A peek into the case at La Michoacana reveals flavors such as Coco, Piñon and Guanábana. Credit: Julie Dodobara

La Michoacana, Renton

Bright, colorful and cheerful, La Michoacana in Renton warmly welcomes you to a quick getaway to Mexico — by way of tasty Mexican-inspired treats and cool ice cream flavors. You’ll find all kinds of enticing flavors, from chocolate brownie to pistachio and tamarind to tequila. Generously scooped, fruit varieties such as mango and strawberries and cream are brimming with fresh fruit chunks. There are also lots of dairy-free and vegan-friendly options. With all these choices, there is truly something to satisfy everyone’s cravings, even if you are a plain vanilla fan.

There are photo stations set up throughout, so be sure to snap a selfie for a sweet souvenir! (Pro tip: Say it “la Meech-wah-cah-nah”.)

Find it: 3700 N.E. 4th St., Suite 205, Renton

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