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Best Kid-Friendly Hikes and Strolls on Bainbridge Island

Secret island hikes for Seattle- and Puget Sound–area families

Published on: February 21, 2023

Best Kid-Friendly Hikes and Strolls on Bainbridge Island

Kids playing on a fun woodsy trail on best Bainbridge Island hikes to take with kids for Seattle families
Hiking with kids on Bainbridge Island. Credit: Jennifer Kakutani

Super island hikes to try with kids

Back during pandemic shutdowns, my three kids and I were going stir-crazy. We were compelled to discover a host of fun new-to-us hiking trails, right in our own Bainbridge Island backyard. Few and far between are the silver linings from those tough times, but sharing kid- and dog-friendly hikes that are just a ferry ride away is one of them!

Pack snacks and water, put on your boots, grab your pandemic puppy and load the WSDOT ferry app. These six secret strolls are clustered around the gem of a villa called Lynwood Center on the south end of the island and are suitable for kids of all ages.

You can even walk on the ferry to reach them by using Bainbridge’s public transit. Bainbridge buses are dog-friendly and waiting at the Winslow ferry terminal. Catch route No. 97 to Crystal Springs or No. 98 to Fort Ward. BI Ride is a shared-ride service that operates on Bainbridge Island by both rider request and by serving scheduled stops. Service runs weekdays and Saturdays, generally between 8:45 a.m. and late afternoon.

First stop: Lynwood Center

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