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Cheap Indoor and Outdoor Party Games for Kids

Have a barbecue or birthday party coming up? Here are some great ways to entertain (and wear out) your little partygoers!

Published on: May 18, 2021

Cheap Indoor and Outdoor Party Games for Kids

Family doing a DIY photo booth

Photo booth

Everyone loves to take silly pictures! To create a photo op, gather or buy two or three frames in various shapes and then remove the glass and mat from each. Thrift shops are great places for finding inexpensive frames. Spray paint the frames in bright colors if you wish. Hang the frames at the eye level of your guests.

Options for outdoor frame hanging: a tree branch or the cross bar of a swing set with the swings removed. Indoors, set up a nice background with a blanket or poster and buy cute props.

To take pictures, instruct guests to stand behind the frames or with a prop and snap away! 

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