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Birthday games for the whole gang

Published on: August 01, 2006

Let's Party! The cake is ordered and the party bags assembled. But how are you going to entertain all those kids coming to your child's birthday?

Birthday Express, a Kirkland-based online store featuring kids' birthday party supplies, offers the following ideas for games and activities:

Jungle Knots
Instruct your guests to stand in a circle facing inward. To begin, everyone extends his or her right hand into the ring and takes hold of someone else's hand. Then, the guests do the same with their left hands.

The object of the game is to untangle the "knot" by stepping over or ducking under people, or turning around. Whatever happens, guests can't let go of each other's hands!

Bean Bag Throw
This is a great activity for kids of all ages. Purchase bean bags suitable for tossing, or create your own with dried beans, socks and rubber bands. Draw a character (or image) relevant to your party theme on the side of a cardboard box. Cut a hole in the box, large enough for the bean bags to be thrown through easily. If you are using a character, make the character's mouth be the hole. Place the box about 10 feet away and give each child several chances to toss the bean bags through the hole.

Magic Penny Pick
five pennies with different dates on them. Place the pennies in a hat and ask one of your guests to pick a penny and look at the date, but not tell what it is. Then, let all the guests pass the penny around to look at the date. After everyone has seen it, quickly put the penny back into the hat and shake up the pennies. Have your Penny Magician reach into the hat and pull out the chosen penny. The secret? The Penny Magician knows which penny was chosen because copper absorbs heat, so the penny everyone has handled will be warm.

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