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Brave Bumbershoot for These Family-Friendly Acts

Plus, a pinball arcade, ice cream shop and Youngershoot

Published on: August 31, 2017

Bumbershoot 2017

Are you ready?

Let’s face it: Kid music can leave a little to be desired. Sure, sure, there are some stellar kindie stars out there but an adult can only listen to so many songs about brushing your teeth. And that’s why we decided to give one of our area’s premier music festivals a look.

What in the world could Bumbershoot have for families? you ask. Turns out, a lot. Originally started in 1971 as “Mayor’s Arts Festival,” the annual event held at Seattle Center has grown into an event capable of attracting the likes of international musician Lorde and Solange (who’s so much more than the woman who attacked Jay-Z in an elevator after the 2014 Met Gala).

With crowds numbering in the thousands, Bumbershoot might seem like the last place you want to take a kid. While we beg to differ, we understand 90-degree weather plus traffic plus Labor Day weekend isn’t exactly a recipe for success. So we saved you the hassle. Here are three Bumbershoot acts you should add to your family’s playlist (and, if you can, grab a single-day GA ticket to see live).

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