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Cheaper and more fun than a gym membership

Published on: December 30, 2013

My son turned five last week and one of the gifts he received was the game Hyper Dash. I apparently live under a giant, mossy boulder because I’d never heard of Hyper Dash. But, hey! It’s super fun!

It comes complete with a “joystick” atop a small dome (really, an electronic tagger) and five targets that you scatter around, say, a playroom, or the yard. Instead of sitting on your hiney and flicking the “joystick” around with your thumbs, however, you run, at the command of the man’s voice emanating from the tagger and slam the tagger over each target, in whatever succession you are instructed.

You can play against yourself for your best time or compete against others. My husband and I had so much fun skittering around the basement yesterday, trying to top each other’s scores that my glutes are actually sore. And so are his.

Hyper Dash is a great way to get your kids (and yourselves) moving.

(This is not a paid endorsement. I just think Hyper Dash is a really cool game.)

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