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Crib Notes: July News for Expectant and New Parents

Learn the latest, from recent research to gaga gear

Vicky McDonald

Published on: June 29, 2018

Happy baby

C’mon and get appy

The best apps for new and expectant parents

  • An app to track mental development: If you’re excited to know how your baby is progressing, or just wondering why they’re suddenly SO cranky, this clever app will tell you what’s going on. The Wonder Weeks app uses 35 years of international scientific research and will keep you informed of all the mental leaps for the first 20 months of your baby’s life. 
  • A way to share those precious photos: Want to share photos and videos of your little one but worried about privacy on social media? This clever app called Cluster lets you privately share media with just your loved ones, who can then comment and like your photos. Cluster also offers an option to print and ship a book of your curated photos.  
  • An app for all the vital information: When you leave the hospital with your newborn you’ll likely receive a sheet of paper to keep track of your baby’s feeds and diapers. It serves as a record of the essential information you give the pediatrician at your regular check-ups. Feed Baby replaces that sheet of paper and lets you record diapers, feeds, pumping, vaccines given, sleeping patterns and more.

Gear for getaways 

Let’s face it: Traveling with little ones is stressful. 

  • A lightweight stroller: When you’re flying with a baby, you need an extra efficient stroller. This nifty European style model called the Zigi by Mima ticks a lot of boxes. It folds easily and is compact enough to fit in most cabin luggage. It’s lightweight, has a decent-sized canopy and large basket for diaper bag storage.
  • A mat to prevent mess: Airplane tray tables, restaurant high-chair tables and the like are all prime areas for germs and stickiness. Tape down one of these disposable Tidy Mats, and your baby can eat and play without creating a sticky mess and spreading even more germs. 
  • A sheep sleep: Traveling with babies means lots of new environments that your little one must adjust to. Bring along Cloud b’s Sleep Sheep that doubles as a white noise machine. The soothing and comforting sounds of white noise will soon lull your kid to sleep no matter where they are. 

Making memories 

Summer is nearly here and it’s the perfect time for you and your baby to get out and enjoy the great outdoors. Put a hat and some sunscreen on your little one and try one of these stroller-friendly hikes in Western Washington. For more fun you could invite your mom and baby group along. 

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