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Baby Animals at Local Zoos You Must See Now

Adorable baby animals are too cute for words

Nancy Chaney

Published on: May 20, 2019

Baby Animals at Local Zoos You Must See Now

Hasani the baby giraffe at Woodland Park Zoo. Credit: Jeremy Dwyer-Lindgren

Baby giraffe Hasani

Baby boy giraffe Hasani was born May 2 to mom Olivia at Seattle's Woodland Park Zoo. After his birth, animal health staff noticed a condition called hyperextended fetlocks, which causes mis-alignment of the animal's rear feet. The zoo's exhibits team constructed temporary orthopedic shoes for Hasani to correct the problem.

More recently, a Kentucky-based veterinarian specializing in foot conditions traveled to Seattle and built a custom pair of shoes that allow the giraffe to go outside. While Hasani is trying out his new shoes, he remains off-view from zoo visitors. Stay tuned for when he'll make an appearance in the zoo's giraffe habitat.

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