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Double-Duty Meals: Seattle Foodies Share Inspired Dinner-to-Lunch Tips

Banish the meal-prep blues with expert solutions from parent chefs

Back to school means back to some often hectic (and, let’s be honest, dreaded) routines: picking out the day’s outfit, shuttling to after-school practice, planning dinners, packing lunches. But what if you could make one little difference in the daily crazies? What if you could take that list and check off two items at once?

Try rebooting tonight’s dinner into tomorrow’s lunch. Key word: reboot. Kids will eat these leftovers because they’re not exactly the same as the night before.

We asked local chefs and foodies for their go-to double-duty meals: dinner which, with a little creativity, turns into lunch the next day. This is a new level of leftover: a Sunday dinner transformed over multiple days. Dessert turned happy surprise in a lunchbox. Pizza in a new shape.

So throw open those refrigerator doors, take stock of your pantry, and prepare two meals out of one. 

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