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10+ Meal-Prep Kits and Dinner Delivery Services

Convenient ways to get dinner on the table with meal-kits and restaurant-delivery services

Published on: June 08, 2022

10+ Meal-Prep Kits and Dinner Delivery Services

Green Chef
Green Chef

Green Chef

Specialty diets are the main focus of the USDA-certified organic company Green Chef. Meal plan choices include Keto + Paleo, Balanced Living and Plant-Powered. Recipes are designed by in-house chefs, and the step-by-step instructions mean meals are ready in roughly 30 minutes. Every ingredient is free of genetically modified organisms (GMOs), and Green Chef sources food from sustainable farmers and food manufacturers who reinvest in the environment.

Sample meals: Choose from Keto + Paleo (parmesan-crusted chicken), Balanced Living (truffle cheeseburgers) and Plant-Powered (za'atar tahini quinoa bowls) meal plan options.

Cool fact: Thanks to its Keto + Paleo meal plan option, Green Chef was the first meal kit company to receive Gluten-Free Certification through the Gluten Intolerance Group’s GFFS program. 

Delivery fee: Shipping is $9.99 for each box. The 4-Person box contains two dinners for a family of four, served family-style for parents and kids. An example: The 4-Person Balanced Living costs $11.49 per serving.

Delivery range: Green Chef delivers anywhere in the continental United States, except for Alaska, Hawaii and parts of Louisiana.

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