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15 Homemade Advent Calendar Ideas for Christmas

Published on: December 02, 2011

Homemade Christmas advent calendar by Giddy GiddyPulling for Some Christmas Fun

Giddy Giddy features this adorable advent calendar idea that she's begun to construct with her little ones -- and it comes complete with plenty of holiday surprises!

At first glance, this calendar may just look like some beautifully designed construction paper cutouts, but each card has its own "pull me" paper lever that reveals a funny addition to the pictures! For example: day one includes "A partridge in a hair tree," and day six includes a play on the old woman who lived in a shoe; sustainably, of course! Check out Giddy Giddy's full post for more gorgeous photography and message her for details on creating your own "push-and-pull" Christmas advent calendar.

Christmas paper punchout advent calendar by Daisy JaniePunching out for Christmas

When it comes to advent calendars, there's nothing more exciting than unveiling each day's special treat -- and that's exactly why we love this paper punchout idea from Daisy Janie.

Much like the advent calendars that you'll find in your neighborhood grocery store, this homemade paper punchout calendar reveals a surprise sweet that's hiding in a mini Dixie cup behind the brightly-colored tissue paper. To make this fun calendar, you'll want to have foamcore, poster board, tissue paper, Dixie cups, and double-side tape on hand. Check out Daisy Janie's full post for the complete tutorial!

Homemade Christmas advent calendar by TinkerLabAdvent Activities

Mama Rachelle of TinkerLab shows off this gorgeous activity-based advent calendar that she crafted with her tot last year. Hoping for a calendar idea that they could do together, Rachelle admits that after the project was still going strong after an hour, she gave herself a much-deserved "I win" pat on the back.

With that being said, this homemade advent calendar is an easy one -- and one that's sure to keep your crafty kid busy! Simply make some envelopes using glue and festive paper, let your little one begin decking them out with the accessories and doodads of her choice, and then hang or pin them for all to see -- that's all there is to it!

Homemade Christmas felt advent calendar by Skip to My LouPut a Bird on It

Skip to My Lou offers up this incredibly cute advent calendar idea that is sure to be a hit!

A great idea for the mamas out there who love to sew, these homemade little felt birdies feature a pouch for tiny holiday treasures and wire for hanging from a garland or a Christmas tree. Be sure to check out the full post for a complete rundown on how you can sew up these feathered felt beauties to perfection -- and the best part about this crafty advent calendar is that it can be used for years to come!

Homemade Christmas envelope advent calendar by Z DesignChristmas Advent Clips

Z Design features this easy neat idea for simply hanging handmade advent envelopes from yarn with clothespins -- and there's plenty of thoughtful notes to be added inside!

To make your own, simply fold up your envelopes and then break out the markers and crayons so your kids can decorate to their hearts' content. Once your envelopes have been bedazzled to perfection, fill each one with a note describing a fun family activity to do during the holiday season. Z Design offers a list of activity ideas, including "Go for a walk after dinner," "Play a board game," "Blow bubbles," "Watch a Christmas movie," and much more. Be sure to check out this post for the full list of thought starters and a handful of other easy yet gorgeous advent ideas -- you won't be disappointed!

Homemade Christmas santa advent calendar by Pink and Green MamaJolly Santa Countdown

If you're looking for a homemade advent calendar idea that your tots can work on all by themselves, Pink and Green Mama's Santa calendar is an excellent pick!

Get your little ones started on constructing the festive Santa with markers and construction paper, and then tape a handwritten calendar "beard" to the bottom. For each day leading up to Christmas, let them add a cotton ball to the beard and by the end of the month Santa will be donning the fanciest facial hair in town! Check out the full post for some equally fun (and easy!) advent calendar ideas.

Homemade Christmas reading advent calendar by Modern Parents Messy KidsStory-time Advent Fun

Modern Parents Messy Kids offers up this genius idea for making a Christmas advent calendar out of holiday books -- a perfect solution for the parents out there who hope to forego the daily dose of candy!

To get started on your very own reading and art advent calendar, pull out your favorite coloring supplies and commence making some beautiful gift wrap out of butcher paper. Head out to the library for some fun holiday reads and then wrap the books in a surprise order to be opened each day. Super easy and yet a perfect idea for loads of Christmas excitement!

Christmas gingerbread house advent calendar by Gingerbread SnowflakesGingerbread House Counting

But if it is sweet treats you're looking to plunder in this year's Christmas advent calendar, consider making a gingerbread house like this one shown on Gingerbread Snowflakes!

To get started, Mama Pam has some serious words of wisdom: if you don't want to make your own gingerbread house from scratch -- don't! Buying a kit from the store is just as fun and will save you a little bit of extra time in the kitchen. Check out Pam's full post on decorating tips and recipes (if you are going the complete homemade route). We're sure that this is one delicious advent calendar that will have your little ones beaming with holiday cheer!

Christmas paper plate advent calendar by Filth WizardryDecking the Halls with Paper Plates

The holidays can be extremely busy and stressful at times -- and that's exactly why we love this "Christmas countdown calendar for slackers" featured on Filth Wizardry!

To get started on your own, simply fold paper plates in half to resemble calzones, fill the inside with treats or small toys, staple the edges, and begin coloring themwith festive flourishes. Overall, this is a quick and easy idea for a holiday advent calendar that's perfect for busy families hoping to go homemade!

Homemade Christmas advent calendar by Katherine Marie PhotographyThe Gift of Giving

Christmas is all about giving, and we can't get enough of this "random acts of kindness" advent calendar included on Katherine Marie Photography.

Easily made with colorful bags donning candy canes, this fun calendar features daily activity ideas and supplies for kids to share a small act of kindness with others. Some of Katherine's ideas include buying a hot cocoa or a latte for Salvation Army bell ringers, baking and delivering Christmas cupcakes to local library employees, making a contribution at a nearby animal shelter, and much more. See the full post for more great "random acts of kindness" ideas!

Homemade Christmas popsicle stick advent calendar by Crafty NestSticking to the Countdown

Got some extra popsicle sticks in the craft box that are just waiting for a good use? Consider making a popsicle stick advent tree, like this one shown on Crafty Nest!

Crafty Nest's Monica admits that though this advent Christmas tree was a little more time-consuming than she expected, it's still fairly easy and small hands can certainly help! And the best part: the origami packages for each day can be opened without having to be untied from the tree -- making it one neat DIY advent calendar that can be reused in years to come! Check out Monica's full post for a detailed walk-through -- she's got plenty of good tips and photos to help lead the way.

Homemade Christmas paper doll chain advent calendar by The Artful ParentAll Dolled up for Christmas

Yet another simple way to make a quick and easy holiday advent calendar, we absolutely love this paper-doll chain idea featured on The Artful Parent.

Simply made by repurposing past water color paintings, this advent calendar is perfect for small hands to craft as it only requires cutting, tracing and a bit of glue work. Once your dolls are ready for the big countdown, glue on white (or colored) aprons and assign them with their daily numbers. (It might even be fun to give the Christmas Day doll a crown or some extra fancy colors!) For the full scoop and an excellent tutorial, visit The Artful Parent.

Homemade Christmas Chinese takeout box advent calendar by Sarah SermonsMini Takeout Advent Treasures

Never before have Chinese takeout boxes seemed like a better fit for celebrating Christmas. And this neat advent calendar included on Sarah Sermons is certainly one worth checking out!

Featuring mini takeout boxes found at the local craft store, these advent calendar boxes have decorated numbers for each day on the front with holiday messages on the back, and, of course, small treats, toys, and goodies inside. Overall, such a unique idea that's sure to get a couple double-takes this year from friends and family!

Homemade cardboard advent calendar by Maya*MadeDIY Recycled Advent Fun

Maya*Made shows off this adorable homemade advent calendar idea, and it's a great pick if you've got young kids who want to lend a hand in making this year's holiday project!

Simply made using recycled cardboard tubes, this thrifty DIY holiday idea only requires a need for staples, a tiny bit of cutting, festive strings, and scraps of paper or doodads for bedazzling. Maya's family chose to put "time tickets" into their calendar, because as she says, "Our time and love is our greatest gift." (Couldn't agree more!) The tickets have sweet notes on them like, "Popcorn and DVD after bedtime," "One hot cocoa date with Mom at a cafe," and "Ice skating date with Dad." Super-sweet and sure to create some lifelong holiday memories for the whole family!

Christmas stocking advent calendar by Soule MamaStocking up for Christmas

Soule Mama offers up this wonderful idea for making a homemade stocking advent calendar -- and we're sure that your tots won't mind getting a regular sneak peek into their advent stockings each day!

To make the festive classic stockings, Mama Amanda says that she chose to go with corduroy and flannel, and that she used a mix of embellishments, buttons, and embroidery for a little extra holiday pizazz! Check out the full post for up-close photos of the different stockings Amanda made.

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