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How to Turn Your Home Into a Cozy Sanctuary This Fall

Get inspired by these warm and snug home décor ideas

Published on: September 24, 2020

How to Turn Your Home Into a Cozy Sanctuary This Fall

Bean bag chair from Walmart

Get comfy

knit- plant-pot-holders
Crocheted plant pots from Etsy 

No matter how old your kids are, if they’re of reading age, the perfect cozy nook to snuggle into with their favorite book is a great autumn addition. Invest in a comfy bean bag chair and a super soft throw, and set them up with a new stack of books from the library or your local bookstore.  Speaking of blankets, weighted blankets have become increasingly popular over the past few years. This popular weighted blanket might just help you combat some of the anxiety we’re all facing at this point in 2020. 

Taking up knitting does sound like a fairly peaceful pandemic endeavor, but if you aren’t sold on the hobby, investing in a few cute textured knit home accessories is sure to make your home feel cozier. Crocheted plant pots would be super cute, especially with a few cacti or succulents. And this knit throw blanket would be perfect for evenings on the couch or draped across your bed. 

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