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Go Wild for These 12 'Jungle Book' Birthday Party Ideas

Your kids will love these Tarzan invitations, jungle decor and more!

Published on: July 07, 2016

Photo credit: Tiffany Doerr Guerzon | Vine Photo Booth

Invite your friends to the jungle for a wild party! Whether your child likesThe Jungle BookTarzan or simply everything jungle, this theme works well for all genders. Go on safari, feed your guests a Kaa snake sandwich and swing on a vine for a jungle photo opportunity! Read on for 12 great ideas to make your celebration special.

Photo credit: Perfect Pixel Factory

Jungle Book invitations

Order your Jungle Book invitations from the Etsy shop Perfect Pixel Factory and your guests will go wild! These are not only printed on the front and back of the card, they’re customized for your event. This comes as a digital file so that you can print as many as you need at home. Choose from two sizes, and bonus — the thank you card comes free with your order!

Photo credit: UnikKreationsByNorma

Tarzan invitations

Could these Tarzan invitations from the Etsy shop UnikKreationsByNorma be any cuter? Each one is handmade with heavy cardstock and the child’s name is attached with a pop up sticker to give it a 3-D effect. Each invite comes with its own envelope with a velcro closure. 

Photo credit: Blue Angel Digitals

Jungle party printables

This printable party pack from Etsy shop Blue Angel Digitals will meet all of your party decor needs. The package includes invitations, thank-you notes, banner, cupcake toppers, favor boxes and much more! These are personalized for the birthday kid, and you print them yourself.

Photo credit: Completely Type A

Jungle decor

Turn your party space into a jungle with these innovative decor ideas from blog Completely Type A. The blog’s author says she was able to make this fabulousness happen for just $6! Check out the blog post to see how she did it.

Photo credit: Oriental Trading

Animal print balloons

Check out these animal print balloons from Oriental Trading. You get 50 (yes, 50!) for just $13.99. Fill some with helium, tape others to the backs of chairs and hang a few from the ceiling. These can go home with guests as favors, too.

Photo credit: Oriental Trading

Safari helmets

Instead of a standard party hat, greet guests with their very own pith helmet. Kids will love to wear these as they participate in party activities. Later, these helmets become a fun party favor. Check your local dollar store, or these from Oriental Trading ($9.99 per dozen).

Photo credit: Events to Celebrate!

Kaa snake sandwich

Kids and adults alike will love this Kaa snake sandwich! Not only does it look really cool, it tastes great, too. Check out the post on blog Events to Celebrate! for instructions. The blog’s author even offers a diagram for how to cut the sandwich to make those curves. Other party snack ideas include green licorice as “jungle vines” and animal crackers.

Photo credit: Desert Chica

Baloo’s honeycomb Jungle Book cupcakes

If you’ve seen Jungle Book, you know how much Baloo and Mowgli love honey. These sweet cupcakes will go beautifully with any jungle-themed party. Check out the post by blog Desert Chica for step-by-step instructions. Don’t forget the bears top them off!

Photo credit: Arts & Crackers

DIY safari binoculars

Make these ahead of time, or allow party guests to assemble the binocs as an activity. This craft makes for a fun prop that is also a party favor. Be sure and check out the rest of this blog post for other fun safari-themed activities.

Photo credit: Oriental Trading

Go on safari!

Make a game out of collecting animals. Purchase small plastic jungle animals, then hide them either outside or around your party space. Give kids a paper bag or butterfly net for collecting. If you have made or purchased binoculars, let the kids use the binocs to “hunt.” Here’s one store that sells plastic animals. 

Photo credit: Wild Olive

Bamboo stacking game

For an indoor game that is both quiet and safe, check out this idea from Wild Olive. Mollie, the blog’s author, made the bamboo pieces from green pool noodles. This could be played as a race (two kids vying to see who gets all the pieces stacked first) or guests could take turns. Of course, this game can be played outdoors as well!


Photo credit: Tiffany Doerr Guerzon

Swinging vine photo booth

For a fun twist on a typical photo booth, try this action shot! 

Supplies needed:

  • Brown craft paper or wrapping paper
  • Green crepe streamers
  • Green construction paper
  • Scissors
  • Tape


  1. Create a “vine” by twisting brown paper into a long rope. I used a dollar roll of brown wrapping paper that had black paw prints on one side. I unrolled the entire roll and with the non-printed side up, I folded it lengthwise into quarters until I had a long column with no print showing.
  2. Twist the strip of folded paper tightly along the entire length.
  3. Make a few other vines by tearing off strips of green crepe streamers.
  4. Cut out large leaves from green construction paper and tape to the green vines.

To take the pictures, put the brown vine vertically on a floor, grass or deck. Make sure you have enough clear space to fit the kid and the other vines in your picture. Have the party guest lie on the floor and hold the vine, posing as if swinging. Once in position, place the green vines in the frame. Take the picture from above; you may need to stand on a chair or stepladder to get a good shot! 

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