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5 Amazing Kid-Friendly Swimming Holes

Swim, splash and play at natural swim spots for Northwest families

Published on: July 14, 2023

Rocky Brook Falls kid-friendly swimming hole in Washington
Rocky Brook Falls. Credit: Anna Katz and Shane Robinson

Swimming holes in Washington

Editor’s note: In the heat of summer, what better family activity is there than frolicking in a refreshingly cool and kid-friendly swimming hole? In their 2018 book “Swimming Holes of Washington: Perfect Places to Play,” authors Anna Katz and Shane Robinson list out prime natural swimming spots around Washington — from the Olympics to the Cascades — and provide all the details needed to head out for a family swim. In a special excerpt for ParentMap, the authors selected five fantastic swimming holes that will particularly appeal to kids and families. Now get splashing!

One note: Kids and water together call for very close attention to safety. Check out these water safety guidelines from Seattle Children’s.

Text and photos excerpted with permission from “Swimming Holes of Washington: Perfect Places to Play” (Skipstone, June 2018) by Anna Katz and Shane Robinson.

First up: McCormick Park

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