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Newsweek says these local schools shine

We've known for some time now that the International School in Bellevue rocks. Now everyone knows it: Newsweek ranked the school #12 on its annual America's Best High Schools list.

Other Washington state schools listed include Interlake in Bellevue (#48), Newport in Bellevue (#56), Bellevue High School (#148), Sammamish in Bellevue (#369), and Bainbridge on Bainbridge Island (#370).

OK, what's happening in Bellevue (and Bainbridge!) that's pushing these schools up America's Best ladder?

Newsweek bases it's calculations on six components: a school's graduation rate, college matriculation rate, the number of AP tests taken, average SAT/ACT scores, average AP/IB/AICE (Advanced Intervantional Certificate of Education) scores and the number of AP courses offered.

Newsweek's emphasis on tests and test results makes this list a controversial one; many districts (and educators) feel academic excellence should not be defined by scores and AP offerings.

But few would argue with the International School's stats: 100 percent of its students graduate and go on to college. That's very cool by anyone's definition.

See Newsweek's full list.

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