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The Ramones for Kids? The Dee Dees Play an All-Ages Show

A kid-friendly tribute on Sunday, April 19

Published on: April 15, 2015

The Dee Dees

Is punk rock kid friendly? The Dee Dees, a Seattle-based Ramones cover band, thinks so. The popular band has organized an all-ages show on Sunday, April 19, at the Skylark Cafe to prove its point. Read on for tips on the show (expect TV covers, too; bring ear protection) and what you can gain from exposing your kids to a wide variety of musical genres.

Why an all-ages show?

We haven't played an all-ages show in a while, so we figured it was about time! We also have a lot of friends with kids, who can't get out a lot during regular show times, so we thought this would be a great opportunity for our friends and their families to offer an early matinee show. Here is one of my favorite videos of children enjoying the Ramones.

Is it important to expose kids to music like the Ramones? Why?

Janie Ramone: "It's important if you want your kids to turn out cool."

GG Ramone: "It's important to expose more kids to the Ramones so we can kill the DJ trend. Less EDM more Rock N Roll!"

Dou Dou Ramone: "The Ramones were part of a moment in New York where people broke off of what was popular, or what looked slick and cool and polished, and just focused on what kind of songs felt good to write. If you wanna write a two-minute song about street life with a fast beat and Motown backing vocals, you do you! You'll find people who dig what you do & you'll find your community. The Ramones are a reminder that the weirdos are important and vibrant and can write a killer pop song when you're not looking."

Merky Ramone: "It's important to expose kids to all types of music!"

Can you tell us about the special guests?

They are not local and they are not a cover/tribute band. They will be playing original music.

How about Sit Ubu Sit and those TV covers?

Sit Ubu Sit covers TV themes spanning all eras — from The Addams Family to WKRP to Cheers to Orange is the New Black. They've been playing together for a little over three years and everyone is also in their own original bands on the side. They have an emcee (Summer Waldron, who happens to be performing her own material with Dan Savage at The Triple Door in April) who regales the audience with TV trivia in between songs and hands out tv-related prizes (Cheers beer mugs, Scooby Doo boardgames, The Office boardgames — there are a lot of boardgames). Summer also performs Fresh Prince of Bel Air— complete with sideways baseball cap.

Anything to know about the show? Is there room to dance?

The doors open at 4 .m., show starts at 4:30. It is a live music venue. We recommend that parents bring ear protection for themselves and their children. There is a dance floor, and the show will be super fun!

If you go ...

When: Sunday, April 19, 4–7 p.m.

Where: Skylark Café & Club, 3803 Delridge Way S.W., Seattle

Tickets: $5–$8

More info: Online at Facebook


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