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There's plenty of room at the Seeds of Compassion Workshops!

Published on: December 30, 2013

Like both Linda and Kristen have mentioned in their posts from their experiences at the Seeds of Compassion workshops today, there weren't enough people! I was a volunteer and had been asked to come in early to help with possible crowd control issues. Sadly, there were no issues because there was no crowd.

There were so many incredible people there presenting so many incredible workshops yet there were never any full rooms nor any lines. The volunteers spent time theorizing about why that might be. Some of us thought maybe people didn't realize that these were all free and open to the public, no ticket necessary.

Thankfully it's not too late to realize that! Monday is another day full of FREE workshops. Yes, you might have to use some vacation time to get out of work, but I guarantee it'll be worth it.

And psst, here's an insider tip for you--sneak into the Orcas room where the presenters are being registered and you can have a free cup of coffee and a donut! Make it look like you know what you're doing and no one will ask you any questions. Enjoy!

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