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Vroom Vroom! 12 'Cars' Birthday-Party Ideas

12 birthday ideas that will have you saying "ka-chow!"

Published on: August 17, 2014

Do you have a Disney Cars fanatic in your house? If you do, then a birthday party based on the Cars movies will be a crash hit with your little racer. With Lightning McQueen invitations, safety cone and race flag décor, and food from Flo’s, your guests will feel like they are in Radiator Springs with the gang. We’ve gathered the best party ideas from around the blogosphere just for you.


Themed Cars invitations

The invitation sets the tone for any party. Start with a great one like this movie ticket style Cars invite from the Etsy shop Splashbox Printables. Featuring Lightning McQueen and even a picture of the birthday kid, this invite will be a keeper! This shop offers several other options if a movie ticket isn’t your style.

A grand entrance

Help your guests make a grand entrance by recreating this great decor by Dusty at the blog All Things G & D. She embellished the safety cones with Cars characters and added race flags and balloons. Check out her blog post for details and more Cars party ideas.


Blacktop table top

We love this table cover from the Bliss Bloom blog. The blog’s author made it by adding white tape stripes to a black plastic tablecloth to create this fun speedway. Bright paper plates and napkins add a pop of color. What a great backdrop for Cars-inspired party food!


Themed package

Speaking of food, the Etsy shop Splashbox Printables offers a complete printable package in the Cars theme, including cute cupcake toppers, personalized with your child’s name and age to be. The set includes bag tent cards, along with water-bottle labels and chocolate bar wrappers for a treat to take home. No need to make a birthday cake when you can hand out cupcakes in black-and-white checked wrappers and decorated with these cute toppers. The package includes décor, thank-you notes and much more. 

Creative food labels

Make the beverages match the theme with Cars-inspired labels. Use “Regular Unleaded and Premium Unleaded” like they did for the party featured on the Growing Up Gardner blog, or try other fun drink names. Here are a few ideas for labels: cola as “Dinico’s Bubbling Motor Oil,” punch as “Fillmore’s Organic Fuel,” lemonade as “Lightning McQueen Lemonade” or water as” Mac’s Truck Load O’ Water.” 


Chocolate doughtnut tires

How about some chocolate doughnuts to go with the cupcakes? Check out the  All Things G&D blog to create Luigi’s Tower of Tires. The kids will love both the mini chocolate doughnuts and the movie reference. This would also work to top a cake. You could even set up another plate with powdered sugar doughnuts and call those White Wall Tires. Dusty at  All Things G & D even offers free printables of the food tags.

Tire bean bag toss

Here’s another fun idea from the blog Growing Up Gardner: Tire bean bag toss. Use an old tire, the spare from your trunk, or even an inflatable version for this activity. If you don’t have bean bags, small foam balls will work too! Mark the spot for kids to stand with safety cones or race flags and instruct them to try and toss beanbags into the tire.

Cars crafts

This craft also functions as a take-home favor. As an activity, let kids paint their own little wooden cars. Do this activity early in the party, and hopefully the cars will be dry by the time you wave goodbye. Let younger kids decorate with markers instead of paint. This idea is from the Growing Up Gardner blog.

Here’s one resource for unfinished wooden cars. 


'Cars' bingo

Bingo! Cori Anne at Design Dog shop on Etsy makes this Cars Bingo game. The set comes with calling cards plus 12 bingo game cards. Made with pictures of various Cars characters, these would be fun for pre-readers as well as older kids. Add to the fun by playing with goldfish crackers or gummy candy as markers. 


Wearable boxcars

Melanie at the Bliss Bloom Blog created these wearable “boxcars” for her son’s Cars party. She removed the top and bottom flaps of big diaper and file boxes, and then decorated them to resemble characters from the movie. Kids can just step into the boxcar and hold the box by the handles at waist level to “drive.” Use these for photo ops, relay races, décor or just play! 

Cars piñata

What’s a party without a pinata? Kids will love whacking a race car like this one from Birthday Express! This 3-D version of Hudson Hornet is an officially licensed Disney product, so you know it looks good! A pull-string kit can be ordered seperately for an indoor party or if the birthday kid just wants to keep the car. The loot from the piñata goes into the goody bags, making this toy do double duty.

Racetrack treat bags

We love these handmade racetrack treat bags from the Buggy and Bunny Blog! They used inexpensive colored bags and then painted a roadway onto each to make an easy, yet unique bag idea. You could paint the first letter of each child’s name as the street, or make your own design. If your kids are old enough, hand over the paintbrush, and let them create! These are perfect for piñata loot gathering as well! 


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