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This Year's Best Books for Kids

The scoop from local bookstore owners in North Seattle


Published on: December 19, 2018

Child playing at Third Place Books

Take it from somebody else...

In my family, it's hard to keep enough books on hand for my four voracious readers. It's not just that they go through a high volume of books in a short period of time. It's also hard to know which books will appeal to them. I'm always more than eager to share all the good books I read as a kid, but somehow they're not quite convinced that my picks are worth picking up off the shelf. 

But here's a little secret that works with kids everywhere... Have someone else make recommendations to them (this also works with foods they don't like). And who better than your local bookstore children's book buyer? The thoughtful, skilled staff at your local bookstore are dedicated to pouring over hundreds of children's books and can find the right fit for every child. Enter: Patti Harriman and Halley Roberts, the children's book buyers at Third Place Books, Ravenna. Between them, they have 20 years of book-buying experience.

For years when our family lived in Ravenna, Third Place Books was our go-to spot (it really was our "third place"), and Halley or Patti were always there to recommend just the right book for each of my four kids. Plus, with a Vios cafe at the back of the store, a cordoned-off toddler play space and a stuffy-stocked reading section for young readers, it's the perfect place to stop in and browse (and then buy) some new books. Oh, and bonus: They buy and sell used books, too! 

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