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Pianos in the Plaza

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One Reel is excited to announce that PIANOS IN THE PLAZA, an intimate version of their Pianos in the Parks programming will be taking place on August 3rd-30th in South Lake Union. This program will temporarily replace Pianos in the Parks, which will be taking a brief hiatus until the summer of 2019.

PIANOS IN THE PLAZA is a collaboration between One Reel and Classic Pianos, and presents a scaled back, temporary alternative to Pianos in the Parks to engage outdoor pianists and enthusiasts this summer while Pianos in the Parks takes the year off.

Classic Pianos has, once again, donated the three pianos on display for the first ever PIANOS IN THE PLAZA. The first is a piano designed by Rachel Sprague that was first introduced at Pianos in the Parks in 2017. The other two were designed exclusively for PIANOS IN THE PLAZA by Tim Detweiler and Joseph Steininger.

August 3rd - 30th
One Reel and Classic Pianos introduce PIANOS IN THE PLAZA to bring music to public spaces during Pianos in the Park’s temporary hiatus.

Apollo Plaza
325 9th Ave N
Seattle, WA 98109

Houdini Plaza
399 Fairview Ave N
Seattle, WA 98109

Event Details