COVID-19 Resources for Puget Sound Families

Your go-to guide for coping with the coronavirus crisis

Stressed Mom Working From Home

Schools have closed, elder care facilities are on lockdown, national and state governments have cautioned against public gatherings, and many parents and caregivers are working from home, all while attempting to keep their children safe, occupied and learning.

Here at ParentMap, we know the struggle is real because we're in it, too. As a team, we're negotiating everything from rushing kids home from college to tuning out “Peppa Pig” on repeat all while trying to get some work done. 

We feel the impact of all that's going on in our community and world right now. It's an uncertain time, but one thing remains unchanged: We’re in this together and we're committed to bringing you the best resources and content now more than ever.

Bookmark this page! We'll keep adding more ideas and relevant content to get your family through this unprecedented time.



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