ParentMap Magazine

May 2023

Warmer weather took its sweet time arriving in the PNW this year, which means we have big expectations of May! In this month’s feature, we present the Moms for Freedom Agenda, which outlines the top 10 family-friendly policies that our leaders should be supporting right now to put our families first.

On the lighter side, our May issue brings a bounty of ways to have fun under the strengthening sun, from our trusty Play List to nifty ideas for celebrating all of the amazing mamas in our lives.

But wait, there’s more — much more! Each year we deliver our May issue with a bonus annual Summer Family Adventure Guide, which is chock-full of terrific ideas for delightful warm(er)-weather outings, including playday jaunts around the sound to unique animal encounters (a special unicorn, big cats and sweet farm critters — oh, my!). Get to plannin’!