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10 Sweet Valentine’s Day Gifts That Kids Can Make

Published on: January 16, 2013

Can planter

Sew Cute
Enough with the construction-paper hearts and popsicle-stick frames! This new idea from Family Chic for fabric-covered can planters is perfect for that Valentine who has a green thumb. The detailed stitching may need an adult’s touch (and glue-gun supervision), but the kiddos will have a blast thinking up sayings for the “conversation” hearts. Made from an old food can, some scrap fabric, and a muslin heart, this gift really packs the DIY charm.

Heart of glass

Heart of Glass (or Glue)
Here’s a Valentine’s DIY gift idea from Holiday Crafts and Creations that will brighten up any window! The “stained glue” hearts are made using wax paper, string, Elmer’s glue, and watercolor paints. Using the string dipped in glue as the heart template, the kids can fill in the outlines with their fave Valentine’s Day colors. Be sure to check out the full post for a step-by-step tutorial and tips on drying times (plan ahead for this one, you’ll need about 36 hours for drying time, so be patient!).

Tea bags for Valentine's Day

Tea Time
Here’s an ideal gift for any tea-drinking Valentine — handcrafted tea envelopes like these featured on Crafts by Amanda. All you’ll need is some colorful scrapbook paper and a modicum of paper-folding skills! After your envelopes are all folded up, print off labels for the kids to glue on, or have them add a personal touch with that cute-as-a-button kid handwriting. Add little paper heart cutouts on the string labels, and, voilà! — you are ready for a Valentine tea party!

Felt bracelets

Petal Power
Felt is all the rage these days, and this project for felt and Velcro bracelets featured on the Plum Pudding blog is too sweet to pass up. We can only imagine how much felt will be flying when our gals get going on cutting out the delicate flowers. Moms, sisters, and BFFs, beware — you’ll soon be sporting some bright new wrist bling come February.

Send a hug

Traveling Hugs
Does your family have a few long-distance Valentines? Skip the store-bought cards and candies and send a “hug” — this cute concept comes to you courtesy of The Party Event blog. Measure a ribbon the same length as junior’s wingspan, and add some cutout hands on the ends for a truly love-filled Valentine’s Day gift. Head over to the full blog post to see a darling sample message to include.

Valentine hand warmer

Cozy Hands
This idea for Valentine’s Day hand warmers from My Barefoot Farm is perfect for those chilly winter days. First, make some heart-shaped pouches out of Valentine-y fabric (Mama Sam used a super-soft flannel). Then put the kids to work filling the hearts up with rice and lavender; now you are ready to stitch ‘em up! A quick pop in the microwave for 20 seconds will keep your loved ones’ coat pockets toasty for 20 minutes. Let the winter activities begin!

Living Montessori Now

Love Hearts
Here’s a heartfelt Montessori-inspired Valentine’s DIY gift from Living Montessori Now. Pipe cleaners and pony beads are transformed into adorable hearts with the help of little fingers’ twisting and turning. Lay out all of the materials on a tray (à la Montessori) and let the sensory fun begin. Make sure to provide supervision for the little ones! Head over to the full blog for tons of other Montessori-inspired projects.

Valentine pouches

Upcycled Pouches
For the kids’ tiniest Valentine treasures, make a batch of these upcycled envelope heart pouches featured over at Zakka Life. All they’ll need are scissors and old envelopes to get started. Try to find really interesting or vintage envelopes for an old-love-letter feel. Or, let the kids decorate the outsides however they want — how about a different theme for each recipient? This is just too much darlingness to handle.

T-shirt jewelry

T-shirt Jewelry?
Absolutely! This post from Six Sisters’ Stuff features a necklace and bracelet set made from a T-shirt and wooden beads. What a great DIY Valentine’s gift idea for Mom or Sis! We all have old tees around the house. Simply cut one into strips and stretch it out slightly to string on the wooden beads. Head over to this unbelievable blog with (no joke) hundreds and hundreds of DIY ideas dreamed up by six(!) crafty sisters.

Blocks of love

Blocks ’O Love
Here’s another V-Day idea from Six Sisters’ Stuff — a set of wooden blocks that spell out L-O-V-E. Square blocks, scrapbook paper, and Mod Podge are the main materials. Having a die cutter on hand for the letters is great, but not required! Letters cut out by the little ones would add a personal touch. We think these would be a great year-round accessory for any desk.

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