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15 Awesome No-Carve Pumpkins

Jen Betterley

Published on: October 04, 2013

Halloween no-carve creature pumpkins by A Small Snippet

Transform this year’s Halloween pumpkins into creepy no-carve creatures with the help of A Small Snippet’s easy tutorial. Made using sticky-backed felt and patterns (available on the site), these fun little guys offer plenty of toothy grins and silly, spooky faces to greet trick-or-treaters.

Halloween no-carve embroidered pumpkins by Blog a la Cart

Put your stitching skills to work and create a variety of spooky-cool embroidered pumpkins like these lovelies featured on Blog a la Cart.  A creative project for crafty home sewers, these clever pumpkins will undoubtedly show off your family’s Halloween spirit. Check out the rest of the post to grab free patterns and tips on getting started.

Halloween no-carve dripped crayon pumpkin by The Swell Life

Give old crayons a gorgeous finale with The Swell Life's fun idea for making crayon-drip Halloween pumpkins. To get started, simply place your crayons at the top of the pumpkin, heat them up with a hairdryer or torch lighter, and watch as they begin to drip into a colorful rainbow of awesomeness. 

Halloween no-carve felt pumpkin by See Vanessa Craft

In need of a super-quick Halloween pumpkin idea? Take a tip from See Vanessa Craft and deck out this year’s jack-o-lantern with a fuzzy felt face that looks like the real deal. Learn more by visiting the full post.

Halloween no-carve Duct tape pumpkin by A Golden Afternoon

Trying to avoid the jack-o-lantern guts and cleanup this year? Consider making these simple no-carve Halloween pumpkins included on A Golden Afternoon. Made using colorful Duct tape found at your local hardware store, these grinning gourds have limitless options for facial expressions and features.

Halloween no-carve chalkboard pumpkin by Zakka Life

Mom Jessica of Zakka Life shares this easy DIY Halloween idea for creating chalkboard pumpkins — and whether you choose to give them spooky sayings or fear-tastic faces, they’re bound to be a hit! Simply cover your gourds with spray-on chalkboard paint and let your blank canvas inspire your creativity.

Halloween no-carve chevron pumpkin by My Baking Addiction

Guest blogger Lindsay offers up these hip chevron no-carve pumpkins on My Baking Addiction, and we love their Charlie Brown-esque appeal! To get started on your own, you’ll want to have acrylic craft paint, painter’s tape, and small paintbrushes on hand. See the full tutorial on extra tips for getting started.

Halloween no-carve painted pumpkins by Whatever...

Let your little ones run wild with paint this Halloween and have them turn your family’s jack-o-lanterns into colorful masterpieces, like these ones shown on Whatever… These bright beauties offer a fun opportunity for afternoon crafting and creativity.

Halloween no-carve ombre pumpkin by Funkytime

We can’t get enough of this cool ombre pumpkin featured on Funkytime. To get started on your own vibrant gourds, begin with a white base coat and then start painting your colors on from the top to the bottom with lightest to darkest for a fading effect.

Halloween no-carve Despicable Me minion pumpkins by Craftberry Bush

Get downright despicable this Halloween and enlist your favorite minions to help create these clever little cuties featured on Craftberry Bush. Made with traditional minion paint colors, pipe cleaners, and canning lids, these funny pumpkins pack plenty of cuteness for fellow Pixar lovers. See the full post for the walkthrough — and for adorable pictures of last year’s Angry Birds Halloween pumpkins.

Halloween no-carve mummy pumpkin by Sah-Rah

This fun spookster featured on Sah-Rah has us completely convinced: Everyone needs a mummy pumpkin on their porch this Halloween! And the best part — he lights up at night thanks to cheesecloth brushed with glow-in-the-dark paint.

Halloween no-carve pumpkins with funny disguise faces by Jac O' Lyn Murphy

If it’s subtle and humorous you’re after this year, meet Jac o’ lyn Murphy’s Halloween leading lady, “Polly the Pucker Up Pumpkin” and her blind date. Sure to get plenty of giggles from neighbors and guests, this fun duo can be easily dolled up with a trip to the costume store and some glue.

Halloween no-carve junk-o-lantern pumpkins by Small Hands Big Art

If your little one loves crafting with hardware odds and ends, consider making your very own Halloween junk-o-lantern like this one included on Small Hands Big Art. Easily made with tools and “junk” found in the garage, these robotic pumpkins make for a cool, open-ended art project for kids, as well as a memorable Halloween. They always say that one person’s trash is another’s treasure — couldn’t be more true in this case!

Halloween no-carve washi tape pumpkin by Make Something Happy

Looking for a cinchy no-carve pumpkin that requires little to no work? Make Something Happy offers up the perfect solution with this bright and beautiful Washi-tape covered gourd. See the rest of the post for three additional unique (and simple!) no-carve Halloween ideas.

Halloween no-carve pumpkin with sequins and glitter by Let's Explore

Looking for a fun party idea this Halloween? Treat your pint-sized guests to a pumpkin-decorating party with these neat ideas included on Let’s Explore. The premise is simple: Pull out a variety of crafting materials, including paints, bedazzlers, and more, and let your little ones run loose with color and creativity. Pumpkin pizzazz!

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