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17 Parenting Hacks from TikTok That Will Make Your Day

A clever trick for potty training and more pearls of wisdom from parents who've been there

Devon Hammer

Published on: October 13, 2021


Many millennial and Gen X parents have hopped on the TikTok bandwagon in recent years. It seems pandemic boredom gave a lot of us the final push we needed to join. Fortunately, TikTok is not just for teen dance challenges anymore. It has become a platform for parents to connect and share the joys and struggles of parenting. You can find lots of inspirational, relatable and helpful content — including some clever parenting hacks. We have discovered some amazing TikToks for parents, usually while in the bathroom, hiding from our kids. Read on for our favorites. Happy scrolling!

@amber.S130 knows all about that pesky problem with wipes where you go to grab one, and 5 come out instead. And of course, you don't have a free hand as your other hand is trying to hold down a wiggly baby. Thankfully, she's come up with a simple and crafty solution that will blow your mind. Simply put a rubber band around the wipe package and voila, you get just the one you needed without wasting wipes.


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♬ Monkeys Spinning Monkeys - Kevin MacLeod

@lifewithavia has the perfect solution to contain sensory play messiness. Stretch a fitted sheet around some chairs and let your toddler go to town inside, with the rice or beans or Legos and mess contained in the sheet! 

@tamara_weatherbee presents some very practical and funny parenting “hacks” for burned-out parents. While we don’t want to encourage lying to your kids, if it’s one of those days, we won’t judge if you need to use a couple of her ideas.

@michellewpark understands the struggles of potty training and has a quick hack to give your kiddos more motivation to use the potty. Put a couple of drops of blue food coloring into the toilet, when the child goes potty, it will turn green.

@mrchazzmrchazz offers tons of positive parenting tips on his TikTok page. One of our favorites is this clever song that helps toddlers stay safe while crossing the street. Check out his cute idea for brushing teeth, too!

@orianabarger is a physical therapy assistant who has a quick sensory fix for a wiggly kid with too much energy. Have them push as hard as they can on your hands and repeat a couple of times. This sounds like an easy trick to try with your kiddo the next time you're in a long checkout line at the grocery store.


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♬ original sound - 🌿 ORIANA 🍃

@reneereina_ cracked the parenting code on kids’ laundry. Skip the folding part and just throw it in the drawer. Trust us, the kids don’t care.

@destini.ann has a funny and super helpful positive parenting response for when your kid is at “max level spicy”. She explains to her kiddo “your message is getting lost in your mess” and she gives a great real-life example of how parents can use that response.

@vanesamaro91 offers a genius cleaning hack for busy parents. Simply fill a dish cleaning brush with vinegar and dish soap and leave it in the shower. Next time you take a shower you can give it a quick scrub down at the end.

@craftmoms thought of an inventive way to pack a change of clothes for your tot when on the go. You roll the whole outfit up into a neat little ball using the socks, so it stays together and can fit in almost any bag. 

@fawn_design has a clever clean-up hack to make sure all the kids are participating. Think of a mystery item and whoever happens to pick it up wins a prize. That way, everyone is motivated to get as much of the room picked up as possible!

@momcomnyc gives us a very realistic and funny view of what we can do with the extra time we have when kids go back to school. And honestly, it is a great reminder to take charge of your own health and schedule those appointments. We are also LOL’ing at her bedtime warning "hack". It’s never too early to give them a heads up.


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♬ The Hustle - Van McCoy

@keishaleiani has a genius diaper changing hack when your child is wearing a onesie. Button the onesie up over their arms so there are no messy grabs while you are cleaning them up.

@lesleypsyd has a cool idea on how to help a child clean their room, especially if they are easily overwhelmed or anxious by the process. Start by taking everything that's not in a container out of the room. Then, it looks the way you want it to when you’re finished. You then only bring things back into the room if you can find a home for them. 

@highimpactclub is a fantastic resource for gentle parenting. She has a great TikTok about discovering your child’s love language and then showing them love in that way. They might feel loved in a different way than you have been showing it. 

@lauren_clutter figured out a creative way to keep track of marker lids. Tape all the marker lids together, then when the kiddos are done using a marker, it just goes back in the same spot.

@makenzie_athome’s parenting hack might be our all-time favorite. If you’re tired of seeing your kid's toys everywhere, take a nap — you can’t see the mess with your eyes closed. We all deserve a break sometimes!

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