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Afternoon Comic Relief: 5 Hilarious Kid Photobombs

Published on: December 30, 2013

Photobombs have been all the rage lately -- and it's easy to see why! We've been seeing more and more of these hilarious photos being shared on Facebook, popping up on Buzzfeed, and there's even an entire website dedicated to sharing all of the sneakers and the creepers out there that take their surprise-attack photobombing seriously. Here are some of our favorite kid photobombs, found on and HuffPo.

pb_kidcarMama's little angel backseat driver: Taking photos in the car has always struck us as a little strange -- Is there better lighting in the car? Something about the car seats that just really pops? Love the way the seatbelt accessorizes your new blouse? -- but this little boy most definitely doesn't waste any time letting Mom know that he is SO done with picture time, and that he's ready to hit the road. (Mom, you may want to save the cell phone snapshots for nap time.)

pb_babydaddyarmsProud new papa: Awww, nothing is sweeter than seeing a new father hold his sleeping infant in his hands... That is, when there's not a random snarky teenager sneering it up in the background. But, then again, if this is Dad's oldest sprout, he's probably well aware of the fact that he's got a couple more blissful years of these family photos to look forward to.

pb_halloweenHalloween ghosts and goblins. After looking at this photo a couple of times and trying NOT to concentrate on the lurking creepy ghoul stealing baby's spotlight, we also realized that this baby is being photographed in a cauldron... Maybe a little game of peek-a-boo, strange Halloween edition? She sure is cute though -- even with the spooky creepster behind her!

pb_grossedoutkidThat's what siblings are for. We can pretty much already imagine the conversation that began after this photo was developed... Leave it to your sweet little brother to create a photo memory that you'll never forget!


Bird's the word. Apparently little Jimmy here decided to show off the mature humor that he's know for in his annual funny class photo (we're sure his parents and his teacher and his classmates' parents ALL found this to be extremely charming). It's a keeper!

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