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Pop the Popcorn! Our Top 8 Family Movie Night Articles

Break out of the (DVD) box with these creative suggestions

Published on: June 17, 2016

What easier way to get the family together than to plan a movie night? Avoid a dud by picking one of these themes. They'll keep your DVD full for weeks to come. And don't forget: Sometimes the most important part of movie night is the post-credits conversation.


8 Movie Adaptations That Might Be Better Than the Book

Dare we say it: These family films may be better on screen than off. Author Gemma Alexander shares stories old and new that'll give your family movie night a literary feel. And there's no rule saying you can't read the book afterward!

7 Films That Address Disability, Differences and Inclusion

They're tough conversations to have so let the screen start you off. These seven picks from Gemma Alexander teach empathy without preaching.

10 Post-Apocalyptic Films to Blow Kids' Minds

It's the end of the world as we know it. Well, until the next summer blockbuster comes out. These 10 post-apocalyptic flicks will wow your kid without being too real too quick.

Far-Flung Films: How to Start a Foreign-Movie Habit With Your Kids

Travel the world without leaving your living room! These suggestions from ParentMap executive editor Natalie Singer-Velush will make your kid a globetrotter. 

Best Space-Adventure Movies to Rent Beyond 'Star Wars'

Star Wars is great but aren't there any other movies that'll take you to a galaxy far, far away? Gemma Alexander shares her stellar selections.

Top 10 Hayao Miyazaki Films

You know the name but what about the movies? This list from author John Kubalak will make your kid a Miyazaki buff.

Top 10 Summer Camp Movies for Kids and Families

Before packing up for the summer, screen a few of these relevant films. They'll make some happy campers.

5 Nature Documentaries Kids Love

Bring the outdoors in with this magnificent collection of nature-focused features. John Kubalak has more on onscreen green.

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