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Fun-Filled Seattle-Area Playgrounds for Kids of All Abilities

Inclusive play spots where all kids can play

Lauren Braden

Published on: September 25, 2023

Fun-Filled Seattle-Area Playgrounds for Kids of All Abilities

Forest Park playground in Everett sensory-friendly playground
Credit: Natasha Dillinger

Forest Park Playground, Everett

Playgrounds often touted as built for “all abilities” include one or two small elements for kids with disabilities. Forest Park, however, could practically serve as a catalog for the options available in inclusive play spaces. A wheelchair-accessible ramp leads to a Sway Fun glider (similar to a seesaw) and roller slide, perfect for a gradual descent to a soft turf play surface that cushions any falls.

For the swing fans in all of us, two bucket-seat swings sit alongside the more traditional types. A forest-themed space attaches to the ramp-accessible play structure. Past the two-story spinning global motion climber, there is a bug-themed play structure best suited to the 2–5 age range. A cozy dome that looks very much like a ladybug provides a fun hiding spot, as well as a possible shelter for kids on the autism spectrum who need a quiet place to regroup.

Find it: 205 Park Road, Everett

Natasha Dillinger

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