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Inclusive Playgrounds in the Seattle Area

Accessible playgrounds where kids of all abilities can play

Lauren Braden

Published on: June 05, 2024

Inclusive Playgrounds in the Seattle Area

Credit: JiaYing Grygiel

Seattle Children’s PlayGarden

Seattle Children’s PlayGarden is a fully accessible public park where kids can play safely. There’s tons to explore: the playground; the garden, bursting with veggies and flowers; the big rubber mountain; a quintet of musical instruments; a wild trail area; and the coop with chickens, ducks and bunnies.

The PlayGarden has been around for several years, but it added improved features in a 2018 overhaul. There’s a new swing set, with a seat shaped like a big saucer, big enough for a whole gaggle of kids to sprawl out on. Instead of the traditional merry-go-round, there’s a spinning disk tilted at a slight angle. While many playgrounds feature a big structure at the center, with a slide or two and various climbing routes to get to the top, the structures here are low and wide, so it’s easy to lift a child from a wheelchair for a ride.

Important note: This playground is open to all, but can sometimes get crowded with lots of kids. If your children are not in need of an accessible playground, consider visiting another spot if the PlayGarden is busy.

Find it: 1745 24th Ave. S., Seattle

– JiaYing Grygiel

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