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Fighting for higher education

Published on: December 30, 2013

There's a new coalition in town. A group that includes students, business leaders and educators intends to do something about our state's higher education funding crisis. The College Promise Coalition will mobilize higher ed supporters to raise awareness about the state's deep, catastrophic cuts to education - and will ask legislators to make higher education a top priority.

Tuition's going up as state funding's going down. For many Washington state students, a college education has become unaffordable. And for those in college, class sizes are increasing and programs are being cut. There are fewer courses to choose from - making graduating college in four years more difficult, and getting a college education even more expensive.

As Don Hardwick, head of the Western Washington Alumni Legislative Committee says, "We can't stand idly by and watch as our colleges and universities are treated as an afterthought."

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