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8 Ways to Get Active as a Family

Yes, you can keep those New Year's resolutions

Jessica Graham

Published on: January 02, 2018

Dad and child exercising

Make it a family affair. Find an activity that the entire family can do together. 

Mix things up. Instead of just taking a walk, go on a nature hike or try geocaching. Instead of jogging, play a robust game of freeze tag or have a relay race.

Build anticipation. Put your activity on the calendar and then build a little family buzz as the day approaches. Serve Wheaties for breakfast. Play the “Rocky” theme song en route.  

Make it a competition. Play on teams (kids versus parents, anyone?). Or, better yet, work as a unit to see if you can beat your family’s previous record.

Be prepared. To keep everyone in good spirits, bring healthy snacks, sing songs, take breaks.

Try something new. Sign up for a one-day sports clinic. Check out a trampoline park. Set up an obstacle course in the backyard.

Team up with another family. Invite another family to play a friendly pickup game of football or basketball, or embark on a group hike. Life is better when lived with friends. 

Embrace “just do it.” You don’t have to go fast to have fun. You just have to go. Now get moving!

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