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Keeping teen drivers safe

Published on: December 30, 2013

As the parent of a teenager who's just months away from getting his driver's license (and  how is that even remotely possible?), I'm hyper-aware of how young 16 is for taking on such a huge responsibility. And data from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration -- which shows that traffic accidents and injuries for teens go way up during the summertime -- doesn't make me feel any better. How can we unleash our new drivers on the road without worrying every second that they're going to make a life-changing mistake? is here to help -- you'll find safety tips for teens and parents and, most importantly, a driving contract that you can download and use to help your teen stay within the parameters you've set for him or her. There's a lot of good basic-driving information on the site, too (when was the last time I checked my tires' pressure?), to help kids understand the basic responsibilities involved in owning and driving a car.

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